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Symbiotic Integrated Ecosystem

Agricultural Indoor Systems:

Our technology creates the best and highest-yielding indoor environments for high-density decentralized cultivation. Our structures are engineered for easy operation, maximum efficiency, and low operational costs. You won’t find other systems like ours on the market today.

High Tunnel Greenhouses


Our structures can be used to build controlled environments for agriculture, food processing environments, perishable goods storage environments, high-tunnel Greenhouses, storage facilities, and much more. Grow high-quality, organic, fresh produce with unique flavors and unmatched taste closer to its final destination in any environment in the world, regardless of land, climate, or time of the year.

Most advanced and efficient growing system available in the market today.

An Ecosystem by Design

The EFB High Tunnel Greenhouses can be used permanently to grow crops, shrubs, or trees, providing environmental control with artificial heating, cooling, or a combination of heat sources and ventilation to control temperature and humidity, creating an optimal environment for your crops.

The units can also temporarily protect crops from harsh elements like excessive natural sunlight or extreme weather conditions and later be moved or disassembled to return to open-air farming.

GMH Agricultural Systems begins with an understanding of the synergistic nature of biological systems. While traditional indoor growing systems often focus on recreating a specific set of conditions that lead to plant stress, undernourishment, and other issues that inhibit successful plant growth and lead to low quality and other plant problems.

Our integrative and proactive approach coordinates the interaction of specific components combined into an optimum, healthy, and nourishing ecosystem for plant growth that is efficient, reliable, and easy to manage.

  • Our systems require fewer building materials on site (50% to 70%) compared to conventional agricultural structure systems.

  • The structures are manufactured with fiber-reinforced polymers and ABS plastics for low corrosion, high durability, and strength.

  • Our structures are designed to withstand high winds, hostile environments, and adverse weather conditions.

  • The length of the modular structures (agrotunnels, agrocapsules, and EFB high-tunnels) can grow to meet any size requirements.

  • The domed inner walls redirect light to the plants, ensuring the even distribution of light for homogeneous growth.

  • The airtight building envelope allows better control over indoor air quality by controlling ventilation and filtering out contaminants.



Agrocapsules are State-of-the-Art climate controlled, antibacterial, healthy and nourishing environments for indoor cultivation.

Using GMH Technology we have created the most ideal energy-efficient indoor system for growth. Its interior is the ideal growth ecosystem with cool temperatures, balanced airflow, and the optimal CO2 concentration to maximize plant growth, increase yield and reduce the chance of plant disease. We reduce the area above and around the plants to light, heat and humidify. This reduces operations costs per plant and creates an airtight, controllable, non-stressed envelope to grow your plants in.

The units maintain optimum and stable growth conditions and provide consistent plant development throughout each cycle, maximizing yields, streamlining processes and driving more value from crop cycles. Our highly insulated structures are not affected by day to day or season to season sunlight, heat or cold variables.

Citrus Fruits




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